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Recently, a few of our customers running Dropbox as a windows service with Always Up have reported failures after manually updating to the latest version of Dropbox.These are happening because Dropbox changes the location of its executable file during the update.We have a pretty good app for Windows 10 allowing you to access your files, but it doesn't allow you to sync them to your PC.For Dropbox syncing you'll need to install the desktop sync app first. Run the Dropbox Installer and follow all necessary instructions.Once you have that and you're set up you'll have something that resembles One Drive. Once you've installed the Dropbox sync app you'll be able to access your folders from the sidebar in File Explorer, just like any other folders on your PC, and One Drive.To check everything went well it's worth checking that it's there.

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You can also share a folder from the Mac OS X finder directly: From the Mac OS X finder, right-click on the folder inside the Dropbox area, select the Dropbox context-sensitive submenu, and you’ll get three choices: Again, that wrong choice is hovering there in front of you, namely ‘Share Link’. and again, the confusion is caused by both options using the word ‘Share’.

If you’re trying to convince a new group of people about how cool Dropbox is, this tends to get in the way of that outcome too!

Time to delve into Dropbox terminology to understand what is happening.

Dropbox has two fundamental ways to provide access to files: a) to a folder The confusion stems from the fact that Dropbox uses the term ‘Sharing’ to describe two entirely different outcomes.

In my view, Dropbox should call the second choice Sending instead of Sharing (as in: “Sending a link to a to a folder results in the recipient obtaining a moment-in-time snapshot of the sender’s folder and contents, an ‘uncontrolled copy’, that is dissociated with the original sender’s folder.


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