Andy samberg dating natalie portman

She has a television, but doesn't actually watch any shows—except for the occasional David Chappelle or Ali G on DVD.Her taste in comedy is the only thing about her that veers toward stoner: the one movie she can watch over and over is The Big Lebowski.As Dershowitz, one of her several prominent admirers, puts it, "She's not one of those Hollywood stars who plays on her stardom to have you listen to her on other issues.She's worth listening to because of her own inherent intelligence, experience, and background."Besides all that, she exudes a warmth and an authenticity thai carry over onto the screen and have made her one of the most moving actresses working today.There are many Hollywood-star things you will never see Natalie Portman do. She wears sneakers every day (usually Converse), and for special events, like the Oscars or Golden Globes, a brand called Beyond Skin, vegan footwear that looks a lot like Easy Spirit. " she asks hesitantly, about one pair that she got after a photo shoot.You will never see her pole-dancing with Kate Moss at Scores, or read obscenities she scrawled about Scarlett Johansson on a bathroom wall. And you will never see her slip into the ladies' room with pals and re-emerge distinctly re-invigorated."I saw cocaine for the first time a month ago in Spain," says Portman, her large, innocent, Audrey Hepburn eyes popping wide open as she curls her tiny body into an armchair. She doesn't wear diamonds to such events, but rather "conflict-free" earrings, such as knockoffs from a place called Claire's that she swears look just the same. She had wanted it in black, but when they didn't have it in stock, she settled for lavender. Most of her clothes are the same ones she has had since she was 14, when she stopped growing."She's got a little bit of the spaz going on," says Peter Sarsgaard, who worked with her in 2004's Garden State.Still, highly educated people often walk away from her questioning their own intelligence.

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And she's the professor," says Aleen Kcshishian, who, like Portman, went to Harvard and has been managing Portman's career since its start.

The 24-year-old Harvard grad's wonky behavor might raise the question, but no less an authority than Mike Nichols, who directed her in Closer, puts Portman on a very short list of truly talented Hollywood beauties.

This most curious young star talks about her first glipse of cocaine (a month ago), her BS-detecting team, and playing a terrorist.

I think when you make any kind of art you're trying to open a conversation—you're not trying Lo tell someone what to think." The seriousness with which she contemplated those issues is reflected in her performance, a subtle yet powerful transformation from good girl to revolutionary. "That was my movie growing up." It was Natalie who pushed the acting thing, and her parents resisted.

When a Revlon scout approached the nine-year-old in a pizza parlor and asked if she wanted to get into modeling, the hammy little girl said, No, but I would like an agent.


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