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But you might feel less like having sex, at least for a while, after your treatment.

Side effects like feeling tired or sick can also lower your sex drive.

Have you always been into the alterna-spiritual stuff?

When I was pregnant, I was in London, and it was hard to keep that diet. I found out right after I filmed the pilot for the Witches of East End, and then we spent six months in London while Chan was doing Jupiter Ascending.

But a small number of men might not produce any semen.

And this can affect their abiltiy to have children.

Your doctor will talk to you about this and the possibility of sperm banking. Some chemotherapy drugs can come through in the semen and might cause irritation to your partner.

One of Jenna Dewan Tatum’s is Lifetime’s Dance Moms. She says Abby compared her to the reality series’ now-14-year-old breakout star, Maddie Ziegler. If I dropped my heel on a turn, it was a day of crying. You’re your own worst critic.’” Jenna kept at it, and as a freshman at the University of Southern California, she got her big break dancing backup for Janet Jackson. Clearly, Jenna made a lasting impression—she and Magic Mike, er, we mean Channing, have been married for more than seven years and have a 3-and-a-half- year-old daughter, Everly.

She was a year old when her parents split, leading Jenna and her mom, who got a job in pharmaceuticals, to relocate every three years. “Everywhere we would move, I’d find a new studio,” she tells me over a grilled kale salad at L. This January marks one year since Jenna blew everyone’s minds aping Channing as Magic Mike on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. ” Now, it’s obviously the calling card to that movie.


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