Bsd updating ports tree

When a port is already installed, you don't need to specify the category it's under.

That's only when installing them for the first time.

If you need to change the options you built a port with, just run "make config" in that port's directory.

Just "make" by itself will download the source code, extract it, patch it and build it.

To install an application, you change to that application's directory and do the following: But obviously it's less typing to combine them into one command.

The "config-recursive" option will allow you to configure all the options you want the application built with.

New discussion segment 2015-01-17 We're thinking about adding a new segment to the show where we discuss a topic that the listeners suggest.Let's get started by getting a copy of the ports tree. =native # Use clang instead of gcc, only needed for versions before 10.0 CC=clang CXX=clang CPP=clang-cpp # Compile everything in a ram disk and use ccache, see our tutorial WRKDIRPREFIX=/ram WITH_CCACHE_BUILD=yes # The newer pkgng format, only needed for versions before 10.0 WITH_PKGNG=yes # Use passive FTP and only use IPv4 FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS=-p4 # Add a fast mirror for downloading distfiles MASTER_SITE_BACKUP?We'll be using the portsnap command which is included in the base OS. = \ BSD/ports/distfiles/$ # Try downloading from it by default MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE?But you've almost certainly used apps built on his work.Weirich helped create several key tools for Ruby, the popular programming language...It's meant to be informative like a tutorial, but more of a "free discussion" format.


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