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I would be a little worried about the security implications of passing FTP details over cleartext, and it obviously has to keep a hold on your passwords *somewhere* on its own server..which in my opinon is a bit of a risk.From their own website: “Cushy CMS accesses and stores sensitive website login data as part of its daily operations.The learning curve (provided you know a bit about PHP) is also relatively fast, and you can be up and running with a content managed solution in as little as 45 minutes.Complimenting the main site is a support forum, and good clear documentation.Admins are going to get it tough, there is significant documentation – 1600 (and counting) pages of references and tutorials, and you are going to have to read at least some of it.However there is no question forum on their website, which you would expect from an Open source solution such as this.With 200 of them available at the moment of writing, there will surely be a module that caters to your needs.If that shouldn’t be the case, adapting an existing module or starting a new one from scratch is made painless thanks to stellar support on the community forums and im Building, a module to build modules.

Technology : Browser Based (PHP engine) Setup time: 5 minutes Supported OS: N/A – hosted Features: If Typo 3 is the Rolls Royce of the CMS world, then Cushy CMS has got to be a Mini.A fluffy Light and Small web 2.0 application this CMS is one of the easiest and quickest to get up and running with, although it is strictly a hosted solution, and to run it you need to provide your FTP details through Cushy’s website.In order to set the system up you simply add css styles to the sections which need changed, Cushy then changes the page on the fly, and sends it back to the ftp server itself.Java Script library for displaying tiles from Arctic Web Map, a free tile provider with OSM data in multiple Arctic polar projections. Or just because it looks cool :) Only tested with Leaflet 1.0.0-beta1.Includes lower-level API for deeper integration with other Leaflet plugins. This plugin allows you to increase the click tolerance of canvas powered layers, making it possible to increase the clickable area of vector layers beyond their visible extent.A Drupal (7.x and 8.x) module to integrate Leaflet maps in your Drupal site. If you can think of a feature that is not required by all Leaflet users, and you can write the Java Script code in a reusable way, you’ve got yourself a Leaflet plugin already.


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