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After all, the chapel wall sounds like a great final resting place while we wait for the sounds of the resurrection trumpet.Jessie and I could even hold hands together on the way up!” Then, she got to worrying that above ground a tornado could hit the mausoleum!She wanted to change back; but, she finally decided that worms were worse than tornadoes.- Mark Coppenger from christianitydotcom2 on God Tube. "Actually, the Scriptures do not say anything about required modes of burial for believers.Standard practice among Old Testament and in the New Testament was burial. "The use of fire to consume the human body on earth was seen as a sign of contempt.

Here are some other concerns of Christians about cremation. Perhaps they are worried that when Jesus returns at the Rapture and the bodies of long-dead Christians are resurrected and transformed into spiritual bodies — that you won’t have a body to resurrect.

Saul and Jonathan were cremated by the Israelites after their deaths, but this was not normal practice in Israel.

Their bodies were mutilated by the Philistines, thus the decision was made to cremate, then bury the ashes - John Mac Arthur, Grace to You Pastor John Piper: Christians Should Choose Burial Over Cremation - “Burial,” Piper continued, is thus equated to “sowing the seed of the body,” and “is the biblical picture of belief in the resurrection of the body.” Piper also says that cremation can be viewed as anti-biblical due to the Bible’s many references to hell and evil being associated with fire.

In addition to being an author and sought-after conference speaker, Roger has mentored or taught thousands of pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders worldwide.

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