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Despite the street prices of these things they are actually pretty simple and cheap to make here's what you need. One for the mic (in this case the guitar input), and two for the headphones (in stereo were available).

See those three plugs with colored rings around the plastic? Those won't be needed so just use an axe to chop them off.

Open that app and press record if you did everything right every time you play a note the needle at the bottom of the screen will move, and you can record your guitar with your i Thingy!

Sure it sounds bad, but it's a start and it means everything is working fine. I won't go into too much detail, but as of today, there are 3 apps that sound very good and will allow you to use your i Thingofabob as an amp: - PRS Jam Amp - The most expensive one, but it includes a tuner and a nice music player that allows you to jam along with your uploaded songs and slow them down or change their pitch.

Welcome to my first instructable and it's not very good, so consider yourself warned.

If you own an i Phone or an i Pod Touch and happen to be a guitar player chances are you have already heard of either Guitar Bud by PRS or of i Rig by Amplitube.

i OS devices like the i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad can safely be unplugged once a sync operation has completed.

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You get three amps and three cabs, all of them with different tones and gain stages.

Media Monkey can sync your music, videos and playlists to your i Phone/i Pod/i Pad.

Sync includes basic metadata like Title, Artist, Album and Genre, but also Rating, Lyrics and a Artwork associated with the Album.

In the last and first pictures on this instructable you can see the whole setup, ready to be used (no guitar present since I couldn't fit it in frame and still show the app.

You finished your cable, everything is connected but how can you be sure you didn't screw up without spending your hard earned cash on apps? Remember that app on the first screen called Voice Memos the one that came with the your i Thing and you never use, because you don't have a mic and if you do you were busy screwing around with auto tune or making your friends sound like chipmunks?


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