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Not all of what they learn comes from SAF instructors, and not all of it is about farmworking. She grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where Eric will be based. Got it.” At twenty-one, Eric is among the oldest here.

He is deep-voiced, slim and fit — an avid soccer player since age four — and wears glasses on a face rarely devoid of a smile.

When I ask what brought him here he doesn’t hesitate: “For me it’s all about the language.” Eric’s Spanish is already quite good for a non-native.

He started learning it in kindergarten, when his parents enrolled him in a Spanish immersion elementary school.

The Australians fought the counter-attack off, and by 17 May, all the ruins of Bullecourt were in Allied hands But the victory came at great cost, particularly to the Australians who were said to have lost more than 10,000 men between two battles for a 'small, tactically useless, village'.

Returning Bullecourt villagers said there was no way of knowing where their houses had once been after the battles.

Australia's Veterans' Affairs Minister Dan Tehan has said he plans to raise the issue with his French counterpart.'This wind farm has been on-again, off-again, so I'll be trying to get an understanding but I can say the French take incredibly seriously ensuring that what took place 100 years ago is properly respected,' he said.The move has caused outrage across Australia and led to calls for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to intervene.Australia lost more than 10,000 troops during two battles in Bullecourt, France, in April and May 1917 as it tried to break the Hindenburg line.The last and the strongest of the German Army's defence lines, it consisted of three well-defended trench systems.The First battle of Bullecourt came after the German army withdrew to the Hindenburg Line in March 1917.Working with SAF broadens their view of farmworker issues beyond their personal experience.


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