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There, extracted medicines were produced for Minnesota’s qualifying patients beginning in July 2015, just six months after construction of the facility began. She has been exploring the medicinal quality of plants for more than 15 years and will apply her substantial university laboratory expertise to PHH’s cultivation operation, which will be staffed with several of FSU’s most promising horticulture graduate students. Brosi would become one of the first female Master Growers in the limited-licensing, medical cannabis space, an honor earned through consistent excellence in plant cultivation and exploration of the medicinal qualities for communities nationwide, having grown thousands of plants under laboratory conditions. David Puthoff Chief Processing Engineer Head of Q/A Dr.

Baruchowitz brings to PHH expertise in law and finance for implementation of strict compliance policies, financial controls and appropriate procedures for maintaining books and records.

OUR GROWING & PROCESSING FACILITY If awarded a Grower and/or Processor’s license, Peak Harvest Health is under contract to purchase 975 Kelly Road for its cultivation and processing facility.

We intend to use approximately half of the building’s 152,000 total square feet for our first phase of operations, which will include a 43,000-square-foot buildout and 28,000 of white space for immediate expansion and R&D as needed.

He also is a founder of medical cannabis companies Theraplant (Connecticut), Leaf Line Labs (Minnesota), and Agrilief (Nevada).

Baruchowitz is a recognized national expert in cannabis finance and cannabis-related regulatory compliance.


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