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A treasure trove of splendours and an endless source of discovery and sensual delight.Then, in 2001, came Coco Mademoiselle, a breath of air that lightens this cornucopia of fragrance, in which everything is simplified and accelerated in a radiant burst of fruit and flower.I've had a decant forever and just sprayed it and WOW!!!! For me it's like "Mother" of Coco Mademoiselle (which sits right next to Noir on my perfume-shelf), as some notes are the same. is way lighter and 'easier' & I can wear it day-night / summer-winter; NOIR is more 'serious', deeper and heavier. I decided to give this one a try instead of sticking to my tried and tested workhorses.I love smelling my clothes & hair the next day, as it is still present and gives off the best. It might be useful to you, that I also: The only legitimate reason for this to be called "noir" is that it makes the bottle look bloody gorgeous. Sadly I can't seem to get any performance out of this.I first started wearing this when it was launched and as I purchased new bottles the scent became less and less spicy.Sadly the only notes that jump out on me are the grapefruit and patchouli. I can detect plum scent in this perfume at the opening..This perfume isn't sweet vice versa most women's perfumes. جالبه که برعکس عقیده عطر کوکو نواغ که عطر برگزیده ی جهان در سال 2012 هست؛ از نظر من بویی شبیه به چمبره نواغ از برند الفکتیو استودیو میده.

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Another journey in the wake of a Gabrielle who fully embraced the dazzle of black and Venice, incorporating them not only into her creations but into her life.I have Coco Mademoisselle edp and during 20 it was my go to scent.I also have the hairmist and bodycream of it because I loved it so much.(I know more designer brands have this issue.) It is a lovely perfume and the bottle is stunning! Floral at first, then drying down to a woody, earthy lingering scent.I personally love unisex scents, but I would say this leans more toward feminine.A deep, dark rose with patchouli and sandalwood base, and a fresh trail of lemoncest and green crisp geranium is what I get. I am just so upset spending my hard earned money on it.


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