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The Society has no political or commercial aims and, although we are part of the Cambridge Alumni Groups network, does not act as a direct fundraiser for the University.An annual membership fee is payable, based on the calendar year, although those joining in the Michaelmas term are granted membership through to the end of the following year.The programme of events section below - and above all theprovide a fuller picture of what we do, but our aim is to provide a mix of networking, cultural, thought-provoking and just “plain fun” events, formal and informal, to match all tastes.As well as bringing Cambridge graduates together, the society also has a wider goal of promoting Cambridge in France and fostering links with other alumni associations, including Oxford of course, but also the French “Grandes Ecoles”, other UK universities and those from the United States.Thus, of the 56 Prime Ministers to date, 42 studied at Oxbridge, 11 did not go to university (most recently Winston Churchill and John Major), and only 3, Earl Russell, Neville Chamberlain, and Gordon Brown, went to other universities (Edinburgh, Birmingham and Edinburgh respectively).The Bristol and Bath Branch of the Oxford University Society was relaunched in 2016 with the aim of building a busy and exciting organisation with the chance to meet new people, catch up with old friends and provide support to others in and around the area.Members of the Society are also able to use the monthly events diary to provide information about the events that they organise or in which they are involved. Most members hold Cambridge University degrees, although membership is open to any person who has an appropriate connection with the University, which may include exchange students, research graduates and, of course, teaching staff.

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Welcome event for new students: Organised in September to congratulate students based in France on gaining a place at our University, this has been in the form of a Wine Tasting for the last few years. are resident in the Ile de France, but the Society welcomes those who visit Paris from time-to-time and wish to keep in touch with fellow “Cantabrigians”.If you are interested in joining, please visit our membership page.Events have included: The Society provides a great opportunity to make new friends and contacts with other Cambridge alumni and alumnae in London, whilst enjoying interesting and varied social events.If you would like to suggest different activities - and especially if you feel you could help - do let us know: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Welcome to the website of the Cambridge Society of Paris, which is affiliated to the Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations office (CUDAR) and enables Cambridge University Alumni in France to maintain contact with each other.The Cambridge Society of Paris has been active since 1996 and provides a platform for Cambridge graduates, mostly based in and around Paris, to retain a contact with the University through the activities and events of the Society.


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