Dating advice for women from sean

As a result, EE Matchmaker has helped international couples build happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationships — many of which have turned into marriage.If you’re an American man on a quest to find romance and adventure, the agency’s hands-on approach can put you on the path to discovering an intelligent, interesting, and beautiful partner overseas. “We’ve helped make a lot of couples, and we really enjoy what we do.” Few people can better guide you through the international matchmaking process than the couple who has done it themselves.Hudson and I got to interview Sean for our blog after he spoke at Liberty University, our alma mater.Sean shared some great advice, such as to not wait to live for God – but live for Him now – because “at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is expanding the kingdom of God.” He was also really genuine about how ridiculous (yet captivating) the show can be.He was super down-to-earth – as you can tell from his response to the question Hudson asked :) From seeing someone on television to then meeting them in person, I was amazed at how humble Sean was and how he so kindly took the time to talk with us.A lot of Sean’s journey is revealed in his book “For The Right Reasons,” which has already become a New York Time’s best-seller.

“The thing is, so many guys try to be the man that they think the woman wants them to be, but if you are the guy that you know you should be, you know, someone who treats the woman with courtesy and respect and all those things, you’re going to find the right person for you.” In our interview, he also shared some great advice about marriage on how it’s super important to be intentional with date nights.

If you are living for Jesus, people will see a difference in your life.

Stay faithful to God, follow Him even when it’s not easy, and you might never know the impact your life will make!

“Jitka has her master’s degree, and she’s a wonderful matchmaker.

We wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and that’s just what we do.” Rodney told us the goal at Eastern European Matchmaker is to get to know each client, learning their values and desires to pair them with the the most compatible match.


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