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Aged Out Hundreds of children age out of the system every year.

(2010), where the authors, after comprehensive analysis of gynandromorphic chickens, concluded that “Our data establishing the presence of both ZZ- and ZW-containing cells indicate that it is highly unlikely that these birds arise as a consequence of mutation at the 2-cell stage of development, and would support the hypothesis that gynandromorphs arise as a result of failure of extrusion of a polar body (PB) during meiosis and subsequent fertilization of both a Z- and W-bearing female pronucleus” (Zhao et al. I acknowledge that we used this “accepted” idea originating from Hollander’s (1975) work to build our hypothesis.

Sixty percent of girls will turn to prostitution or find themselves in sex-trafficking, while seventy percent of boys will turn to drugs and crime.

We would love to build an alliance with an existing program in Ukraine for our young people aging out of our orphanage to help them become strong independent adults.

Our hypothesis is based on the PB and a pronucleus nuclei developmental equipotential.

This is theoretically expected from the molecular basis of chromosomal DNA separation during cell splitting, and an experimentally proven fact (Wakayama and Yanagimachi 1998). The second arguing point of our hypothesis is that it is based on the abnormality of an essential physiological process, extrusion of the PBs during meiosis.


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