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It is the perfect size case to put in a coat pocket with not too much of a bulge.

I also found a Briar Pipe Makers in London Directory on Pipedia. https://pipedia.org/wiki/Briar_Pipe_Makers_in_London_Directories. It read as follows: Now I had some idea of the age and provenance of the pipe in my hands.(He took photos of the case and the pipe before he cleaned it up.)The plush red lining covered entire inside of the case.While it was worn and a little soiled it still showed some of its original glory.The debris flowing out of the end of the tenon is also visible in this photo.The stem was a bit of a wreck with tooth chatter, tooth marks and nicks all around the top and underside.It was worn on the right side of the shield but it was very clear.


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    I think the only time you push a deer is with a pure muscle hit because you want him to keep pumping blood, and keeping him on the move does that. I'd go to the nearest water hole (pond creek, etc.) and begin to scout around the edges. My 13 year old daughter is going hunting for the first time this year. I did tell her to be patient and wait for it to turn broad side, but she understood what was going on with the different shots! justin ive been reading and have added to your site for over a year and i enjoy the stories which have been posted i think you have a great site keep up the good work may your blood trails be short and your venison be never over cooked bill These pic's are a excellecnt teaching practices for shot placement for youngster's and older beginers, it was a great tool to have my son and my fiance. Never turn advice down always listen, I talked to a guy at TSC for 30 minutes and learned alot of good tips! it wasn't easy, but I learned that you have to stick it out. Do you think my broadhead could penetrate the front shoulder and hit the vitals on a 20-yard shot?