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“Sam Huffman has been a Microsoft Project expert for many years and one of the best in the industry.

Steelray invented the viewer for Microsoft Project in 2000 and has continuously added innovations and improvements since then.

You are like a mechanic working on a racecar but without knowledge about the engine if you not understand the difference between the Task Types.

For all exampels below the week is 40 hours and fulltime is 8 hours per day.

» All cancellations and rescheduling requests must be made in writing and emailed to [email protected]

Utilizing a simple interface makes it easier than with Microsoft Project.

Find what you need rapidly with the first search engine integrated into a project viewer.

You once again have 1 fulltime resource (Unit) but you now know that the Duration of the task will be 8 days instead of 10.

The Work will then be 8 Hours/day * 8 days=64 hours Work The equation: 8 days of Duration*1 Unit=64 hours Work     Once again you have 1 fulltime resource (Unit=100%) allocated to the task that is estimated to 80 hours of Work. You then find another resource which allows you to have 2 resources allocated to this task.


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