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- Rick, Staten Island, NY I had a bunch of phone numbers from girls I'd met over the years but never dated, including a few I barely knew whose names were in my phone book like "Amanda Likes Elephants" and "Caroline Very Fine" (see I already had my own system for naming 'em heh).So I figured heck, let's see [if] this guy has an advice on how to pull these girls back from out of nowhere.My name is Race de Priest, and if you're like thousands of other guys who find texting a girl to be annoying, confusing, or downright frustrating, then I want you to know two things.Yo Race, your ego stroker text was exactly what this girl needed to hear.Shot out one of your re-engaging texts to five of 'em, and got back four responses, most of em saying "who is this".

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What fun is life if you can't share it with someone whose smile warms your heart and whose touch turns you on?And if you screw up in your texting, then all the work you've put in up to now could easily be ruined (even if you've already got one good date under the belt)!But that's ok, because I'm about to fill you in on sending her the exact texts that will make her laugh, flirt, and even get turned on...Heading into our third date now and had to pop u an email n say thanks.It's looking like tonight is gonna be the night, bro!But none of that matters if you can't use my text messaging system to get the girl (or girls) you want. , ignoring the ones that don't tickle her fancy, while she chooses two or three guys who she wants to fight over her. And just look at how Jose was able to win it: Hi Race, I want to thank you so much.


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