Dating gift basket

He would of course enjoy them just because I put thought into them, but he wouldn’t actually be excited about those gifts. He likes manly stuff, and manly gifts, and gifts that he can thoroughly enjoy.

He always likes unique gifts and gifts that I really thought long and hard about.

Though this is a gender-neutral present I think that men would really enjoy this, especially when it comes to movies and video games! Trunk Club Gift Card Trunk Club is such a cool concept, and I’m happy to share it with you guys.

You give your man a gift card to Trunk Club and they get set up with a personal stylist who asks them questions about their personal style and preferences and then the stylist does all the hard work and finds the perfect clothing matches.

And these are also the kinds of gifts I like giving: The gifts I can actually see him getting genuinely excited about.

No offense to the men who do like the cutesy gifts–there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It’ll be one of the little tricks up my sleeve when I need a good gift to give. Amazon Fire TV Stick* I think this would be a really cool gift idea.These Amazon Fire TV Sticks are fairly new and I keep seeing commercials about them (Has anyone seen the one with Gary Busey?Cracks me up.) Essentially what it is is a streaming media HDMI stick with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, music, games, and more.Once you taste the whiskey, you can take an IQ whiskey quiz online and test your whiskey knowledge to figure out which whiskey you are drinking.At the end of the quiz they tell you what you’re drinking and how much it sells for.These gifts are perfect for the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, or for birthdays or father’s day, or just for a random “I love you” gift.


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