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Its rival Grindr is specifically designed as a gay dating app and social network, which is perfect for Hawaii, since the Aloha State has the highest percentage of people who identify as LGBT. You’re not fooling anyone with your “online dating” search. Sadly, porn usage is highest in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, all states where sex education stresses abstinence, is not always mandated, and may not even be medically accurate.We know you have the most UFO sightings per capita of any state, and it makes sense, seeing as an alien wouldn’t know which dating apps to search for these days. Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming are all at the bottom of the list for smallest shares of single adults, and it’s hard to find love when your field of eligible candidates is practically empty. Kids, we’re sorry your schools did a bad job educating you, but, please, do yourself a favor and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.And even your average Facebook user—who spends nearly eight hours on the site per month—winces a bit from the pang. “She said, ‘Gosh, why does everything just taste better when you’re on a diet? Does stuff taste better when you feel guilty eating it?”It seems like such an obvious connection—after all, they are not called “guilty pleasures” for nothing—but testing it experimentally is another question entirely.

Gadget junkies do, too, when they are dropping hundreds of dollars on the latest electronic toy. Goldsmith and her then–doctoral advisor Ravi Dhar, a professor at Yale, first thought to study the link when a co-worker mentioned how she had just joined Weight Watchers. Does stuff actually taste better when you’re on a diet?Our team developed a comprehensive list of indulgent topics people can search for on the internet, cross-referenced the list with Google Trends data, and then determined which topics people in your area are most likely to type into their search bar.Take, for instance, the prevalence of sugar-daddy and sugar-mama sites, which are especially popular in retiree-friendly states.To soothe your aching heart, stay home and unwind with some cat videos. Searching for fluffy-segregate sweethearts is more common than you think. Looking at cute things triggers the release of dopamine, the same chemical coursing through your body when you fall in love or have sex. Since guilty pleasure is often associated with dieting, Goldsmith and her colleagues ran another study, this time priming female participants by showing half of them covers of health-related magazines like Nutrition and the other half covers of neutral magazines like Shutterbug.


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