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The means may be different, but the intent is the same.

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Rape Prevention Education executive director Dr Kim Mc Gregor said the comment came in a phone call from a public servant and she was shocked by it. “I had a phonecall when I was at RPE and our funding was threatened because we were being advocates, we were speaking out against Government and that was quite shocking to me at the time.”Tea tape: Here come the police Police are expected to descend on media organisations today in pursuit of material related to the “teapot tape”, while Prime Minister John Key digs his heels in and stands by allegedly defamatory statements about cameraman Bradley Ambrose. Over the past decade or so, politicians seeking to uphold their own power have abused democratic freedoms in New Zealand.

Schools have been particular targets of intimidation.

The Nats have threatened boards with loss of funding over national standards, and warned school principals not to speak out against them.

This kind of nonsense is corrosive to democracy and it could happen to anyone: Ex-govt lawyer’s ‘bury bad news’ claim A former high-ranking Customs lawyer says he resigned from his job after allegedly being told to bury information that could embarrass the Government.

Curtis Gregorash said he was told by senior Customs executives to refuse Official Information Act and Privacy Act requests, which he believed was at the direction of former Customs Minister Maurice Williamson.


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