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Some companies design amplifiers that require no biasing as long as properly rated tubes are used.Some modern amplifiers use a mixture of tube and solid-state technologies.The amplifier head or "amp head" contains the electronic circuitry constituting the preamp, built-in effects processing, and the power amplifier.Combo amps have at least one Other jacks may also be provided, such as an additional input jack, "send" and "return" jacks to create an effects loop (for connecting electronic effects such as compression, reverb, etc.), an extension speaker jack (for connecting an additional speaker cabinet).For example, a simple power regulation circuit's output tends to sag when there is a heavy load (that is, high output power) and vacuum tubes usually lose gain factors with lower power voltages.This results in a somewhat compressed sound which could be criticized as a "poor dynamic range" in case of hi-fi amplifiers, but could be desirable as "long sustain" of sounds on a guitar amplifier.Guitar amplifiers range in price and quality from small, low-powered practice amplifiers, designed for students, which sell for less than USD, to expensive amplifiers which are custom-made for professional musicians and can cost thousands of dollars.produced distortion effects by connecting the already distorted output of one amplifier into the input of another.

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Reproducing low frequencies also requires a suitable in a single unit which is typically housed in a rectangular wooden box.and digital signal processing, "modeling amps" have been developed in the late 1990s, these can simulate the sounds of a variety of well-known tube amplifiers without needing to use vacuum tubes.Amplifiers with processors and software can emulate the basic tone of a classic amp anywhere from poorly to well, but the full response of these amplifiers may not feel the same to a player as the digital modeling does not accurately reproduce all aspects of a tube amplifier.You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. The preamplifier is a voltage amplifier that amplifies the guitar signal to a level that can drive the power stage: the signal is made larger, but without significantly increasing its energy content.Later, most guitar amps were provided with preamplifier distortion controls, and "fuzz boxes" and other effects units were engineered to safely and reliably produce these sounds.


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