College dating advice for freshmen

“They are going to be busy making friends and enjoying the freedom of being college students. I think it’s fair to have a regular check in day or time to talk, but, unless parents feel their children are engaging in risky behavior, let them enjoy being on their own.” Of course, sometimes, parents must get involved, especially if they are concerned about the student’s safety or well-being.

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She recommends that parents ask their child questions like “What do you want to get out of your college experience? ” She suggests parents return to these conversations when their students are stressed.While parents naturally want to do all they can to ensure that their children succeed, many have a hard time knowing when to hold on, and when to finally let go.I still have seven years before I drop the first of my own children off on a college campus, and I still have a preschooler learning how to get through the day without a nap.“But there are some experiences that are ‘above their pay grade.’” Sager believes that college students still need a fair amount of direction.She noted that statistically, college students face significant issues.Yet, I still feel a kindred connection to the parents I meet as they face one of the ultimate milestones in parenting.


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