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Yet many know that the new, polished live music venue and restaurant won’t hold a candle to the dark and shabby, but beloved, original. On the outside, it looked like any other café, with charming décor, vibrant red tables and a variety of baked goods.But its back room, which served as a music venue, was an entirely different story.It was a sad day for music lovers when they closed, and it’s certainly missed.Everyone knew about Bob Mc Coy and his quirky Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.A large portion of the well-known Nicollet Avenue is taken up by Nicollet Mall, a busy shopping and dining district.The area was one of the first commercial spots in Minneapolis and still seems to be constantly evolving.The infamous area was a gritty, seedy part of town, known for drunks and prostitution and sketchy hang out spots like Moby Dick’s bar and Rigle Sport’s Alternative Arts.

They always sport their gold and maroon colors during football season, even if the team isn’t doing its best.While residents may stand by their Gophers regardless, many remember the glory days of the past, when the team won five national championships between 19 and another in 1961.That’s not to say that the Gophers won’t rise to their prior triumphs again, but many people hold a certain fondness for those good old glory days.It was chock full of fantastic music history and hosted early performances for bands like Semisonic, Golden Smog, The White Stripes and Arcade Fire.While closed for now, there are plans to reopen the bar in the Mall of America.It was in Dinkytown that Dylan traded his electric guitar for an acoustic, was introduced to folk music, heard Woody Guthrie and read “Bound for Glory” for the first time.


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