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In May 2016, Chris Donnelly, a former GOP congressional staffer, contacted the Ohio House Republican Caucus' political director, Kenny Street, through a Facebook message.Donnelly worried Goodman's campaign rhetoric about being a conservative Christian focused on "natural marriage" didn't match his actions.The purpose of these pages is to give you some information on our club activities and, more in general, to celebrate the image of men in breeches, leather and uniform.

The District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC) was created to promote fellowship among bears, cubs, levi/leather and other diverse members of the District of Columbia Gay/Lesbian Community.In another Facebook message, Goodman reportedly wrote that "I have a couple of bi frat bros so thankfully getting (oral sex) isn't that hard lol." In the third message, Goodman invited the person he was chatting with to "wine, cigars, and hot tub lol." On Monday, a report from the Independent Journal Review detailed dozens of Facebook and Snapchat interactions that Goodman allegedly had with men — some welcome and some unwelcome.Goodman reportedly shared pictures of his genitals on social media, according to the IJR article, which was based largely on anonymous sources.The Gryphons began in the early 80's as a biker/leather social club. We are a non-profit fraternal organization, incorporated within the state of Ohio.Defenders/SF is a Leather/Levi club, chartered by Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.Firedancers, Texas, is a non-political, pan-sexual, Leather-Levi Social Club with a Native American influence.


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