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Designed specifically for farmers or those living in the country.Diners have been known to come from as far as Donegal and Monaghan. Tickets cost £100 and include a Champagne jazz reception, a three course meal and the evening will be rounded off with a DJ for singles. The first came from the very first club and I wasn't expecting it at all.” Liz didn't expect the Fine Dining Club to reach that heights it has but she's looking forward to expanding to Dublin and elsewhere. Statistics show that 60% of people lie on their online profiles lie about their weight with 48% lying about their height. She says: “Men lie about their height and their income, women lie about their weight and their age. “This way it's a bit safer for women and a little more honest — it's harder to lie in person.” Jane, (43), is divorced and runs her own business in Newtownards.I might have met someone else who I think would make a good match and introduce them straight away.” The meeting also enables Liz to make sure people are ready to start dating again.She has a strict rule that people must be divorced or separated for at least a year before they attend the dining club. “He told me he was thinking of leaving his wife and thought it might be a good idea for him to come along.“It can take a while for a couple to gel and really start to get along and I think that takes at least three dates,” says Liz.To join the Fine Dining Club costs £500 a year, a similar fee to an online dating site such as e Harmony for a year.You would end up in a crowd of 20 out of which you had met two before. “I also had a bit of a habit of matching people together, I would think that so and so would get on really well with someone else and it usually worked.A pair of my best friends are married now because I introduced them.” A friend of Liz's, Kim Johnston, had also recently returned from London and was lamenting the lack of a dating scene for singles over the age of 35.

“I would go to a dinner party on a Friday night and the talk would be nothing but primary schools, which I didn't have a clue about,” said Liz.I'm a tall girl so there's a reason I look for tall men and I could never understand why they thought they wouldn't be found out.I heard Liz talking on the radio and phoned her up.And losing her job turned out to be a stroke of good fortune as her less than impressive forays on the dating scene here prompted her to set up the Fine Dining Club, a bespoke way to find the ideal partner.Indeed, so popular has it become that Liz says she even has some MLAs and a few of the country’s super wealthy among those who have signed up.There are three people in the club who appear on the Irish Rich List and I didn't even know they were wealthy until I read it.


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    Whatever number you come up with, you can probably double it.

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    Join the Club and Find a Romantic, Beautiful Dating Partner!