Consolidating spousal rrsp

The conversion of an RRSP must take place by December 31 of the year the holder turns 71.

As well, the holder of an RRSP must plan for its conversion to an account specifically designed to turn the capital accumulated into retirement income.

For more information, see How to Make a Deposit to the Account.

You may also make substitutions and withdrawals or use a portion or all of the funds accumulated in your RRSP for the Home Buyers Plan or to finance your continuing education.

If you want to contribute to your RRSP regularly, for example once per month, you may take advantage of the monthly contributions program with Systematic Withdrawals or invest in an investment mutual fund of your choice, according to the frequency that suits you (frequency varies according to the family of funds).

At your request, a representative will set up one of these services.


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